The print industry today is a great career option.
These days, print does not involve running a printing press – it’s more about customer service, corporate communications and campaign management.
The print industry includes  signage, branding, packaging, displays/POS/promotional products – and whole range of exciting career choices that most people don’t even consider when exploring their vocational options – particularly if you’re young or a school-leaver.
I only say that, as many people think of print as an ”old-fashioned” or ”dying” industry.
Nothing could be further from the truth.  The print industry has re-invented itself in a hundred-and-one different ways, that make it the most exciting medium to transmit a company’s brand, products or services.
(Did you know that all trucks are now decorated by being wrapped in a printed film which is stretched around the vehicle?)
Our website (with its slideshow of labels, packaging signage, stationery, etc) is an attempt to encourage people re-imagine what ”print” is all about – and it’s far more than books, magazines and newspapers (although there’s nothing wrong with them!).
Print is one of those industries that has made dramatic readjustments to the world around it.
It has successfully emerged from the time-tunnel, and now offers an array of visually-exciting of techniques, processes, materials and special effects – backed by a new strategy which is to actually work with clients – both large and small on their branding, promotional or marketing campaigns.
To help you understand all these exciting possibilities, visit any digital print centre.  They area all modern – they all run state-of the-art facilities and I’m sure they’d love to show you the modern ”face” of the printing industry.
The print industry is vastly bigger, and offers more diversified roles than you may have thought!  Please visit our job matrix to see all the roles it can offer you.