Welcome to JDA Print Recruitment


Established by James Cryer, in the mid-1990s, we offer well-informed, helpful and friendly advice regarding employment opportunities – to both candidates and employers.

These days, the so-called “printing industry” takes on many forms – and JDA covers them all: OFFSET, DIGITAL, PACKAGING (including cartons, labels and flexibles) and SIGNAGE (including inkjet and screen-printing), as well as other niches such as print management and mailing.

Who knows, we may soon be searching for staff for 3D printing!

We cover all functional roles: CLIENT-FACING (customer service and sales), PRODUCTION (operators and managers), plus TECHNICAL and MANAGEMENT.

James Cryer (sometimes referred to as the print industry gadfly) has been associated with the industry, in one way or another, since 1903, when his great-grandfather set up a small printery in early Sydney Town! He is an enthusiastic member of several print associations and contributes occasional articles on print-related topics to Print21 magazine.

He is also proud to be associated with two other “print gurus” – Chris Gander, who manages JDA’s Melbourne operations, and more recently Geoff Curtis, in Brisbane – both of whom are from the industry and bring a strong understanding of print industry issues.

For employers, this means a better understanding of your requirements.

For candidates, it means more helpful advice on your career options.